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package mongox
import (
// Reexport basic mongo structs
type (
Cursor = mongo.Cursor
Client = mongo.Client
Collection = mongo.Collection
// Database is the mongox database interface
type Database interface {
Client() (client *Client)
Context() (context context.Context)
Name() (name string)
GetCollectionOf(document interface{}) (collection *Collection, err error)
Count(target interface{}, filters ...interface{}) (count int64, err error)
DeleteArray(target interface{}, filters ...interface{}) (err error)
DeleteOne(target interface{}, filters ...interface{}) (err error)
LoadArray(target interface{}, filters ...interface{}) (err error)
LoadOne(target interface{}, filters ...interface{}) (err error)
LoadStream(target interface{}, filters ...interface{}) (loader StreamLoader, err error)
SaveOne(source interface{}, filters ...interface{}) (err error)
UpdateOne(target interface{}, filters ...interface{}) (err error)
IndexEnsure(cfg interface{}, document interface{}) (err error)
// StreamLoader is a interface to control database cursor
type StreamLoader interface {
Cursor() (cursor *Cursor)
DecodeNextMsg(i interface{}) (err error)
DecodeMsg(i interface{}) (err error)
Next() (err error)
Close() (err error)
Err() (err error)
// OIDBased is an interface for documents that have objectId type for the _id field
type OIDBased interface {
GetID() (id primitive.ObjectID)
SetID(id primitive.ObjectID)
// StringBased is an interface for documents that have string type for the _id field
type StringBased interface {
GetID() (id string)
SetID(id string)
// DocBased is an interface for documents that have object type for the _id field
type DocBased interface {
GetID() (id primitive.D)
SetID(id primitive.D)
// InterfaceBased is an interface for documents that have custom declated type for the _id field
type InterfaceBased interface {
GetID() (id interface{})
SetID(id interface{})